Learn a System That Brings Order and Peace into Your Home With Ease. Get Rid Of Clutter and Frustration. 

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm, and Finally Live the Organized Life You've Always Dreamed of, as You 
Take Your Life Back and Finally Have Time for You! 



Get control of your home and day.

Learn a plan that gives you direction with focus that frees you up to spend time living your life instead of always cleaning it up.

Know what to do
and when to do It!

Never feel behind. Live an organized life, have the house in order, and you in the position to do what matters most to you.

See a difference ...
right from the start!

No reason to wait weeks or months for a change, no matter what shape the house is in now you will see  and feel results right away.

Step by step ...
how-to instruction!

The course is designed with
easy to follow step-by-step instruction with no overwhelm and no frustration.

I am grateful beyond words for finding Kathy Roberts and her Tidy Tutor University. I have been struggling for years & years in trying to get and keep my home decluttered and organized. After attempting and failing other endless plans and books, I’m so thrilled to have finally found the key & saving grace for me & my crazy right brain self with Kathy's program!!"


Amy F

You are my hero! TTU is Amazing! I have struggled all my life with trying to be organized...You have already changed my life. To me it is a minor miracle that I don’t ever have to worry again about my bathroom being “company ready”... I can just relax when an unexpected visitor asks to use the restroom and know that it is clean and sparkling!


Linda W

Frequently asked questions


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I’ve tried so many times and so many different methods... how do I know this will be different?


How long will it take me to complete the course?​


Why is there an option for Tidy Tutor University by itself and with monthly membership and why is it even discounted further? 


I see that it takes 4 weeks to complete Tidy Tutor University, but what if I feel like I'll need more time?


If I choose the otion to take Tidy Tutor University with insiders and get the discount do I have to commit to a year of the insiders support group?


For the Insiders monthly membership can I cancel any time?


Can I be a part of your insiders monthly support group if I hadn't taken Tidy Tutor University?


How long will I have access to Tidy Tutor University?


Do I have to have a facebook account to be a part of the insiders group?


How can I have a 30 day money back guarantee but have to agree to keeping 4 months of TTi with the option to join with membership?


Can I review the course material any time I like?


30 day 100% SATISFACTION Guranteed!


Hello! I hope you will allow me to help you get your life together and find out how amazing you are, exactly as you are.

You don't need to change, you just need to learn how you tick and how to do things in a way that is compatible to your unique way of being.

I am a reformed slob and proud of it! I began on my journey back in 1989 when pregnant with child number 4, going down for the count, and my life has never been the same.


Everything has changed for me when I got it together at home. I didn't realize that it would effect more than just how I felt about home, I knew I would have more time on my hands when I got organized and I would be able to have friends over without embarrassment which was amazing.... BUT it meant so much more to me, and it will to you too!

I created a life-changing course that has helped hundreds get their lives back and have the space and time to do all the things they couldn't before.

I am committed to spreading the message that there is NOTHING wrong with the "Organizationally-Challenged" Person, that being organized is a learned skill, and once the OC 'get it' there is no stopping them!


The "OC" has all that it takes to make change in the world and do the things they dream of doing. Yes, far and above the Organizationally-Gifted person, because being right-brained gives us the ability to go with the flow and create... All we have to do is know how to harness it, with a little help from our left brain and The Tidy Tutor!